Magical Mystery Tour June 2016

Have you ever had one of those weeks where if it can go wrong it will?  Heck, I have had one of those months!  I apologize to all of those who have had a hard time with my download, it seems the traffic broke not only my dropbox but box as well!  I used 4shared because I know that does work but I really am NOT a fan of that site either so if you know a good one let me know please!  After all this the computer ate my posting when I came in to edit it too.  Sigh… see, I love my fans!  lol.

Here is my 4shared file download…  Again, I would love to share it another way if anyone has any fabulous ideas!

4shared Download Link


Your next stop is Peppermint Creative.  (Love her stuff!)  If you get lost along the way, simply head back to the main Magical Mousetery Tour post to view the master list and get back on track.




31 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Tour June 2016

  1. This is what the link is saying ( I’ll leave you a FB message as well)
    Error (429)
    This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

  2. FYI : Click on the preview to download …not on the highlighted word HERE.
    Downloaded and unzipped no problem !!
    Thanks for the awesome mini !! It is worth the wait. 🙂

  3. I love your contribution! But I am having a problem downloading. Clicking on the link or on the image does take me to Box, but when I try to click the download button, nothing happens.

  4. Same as above, love your contribution but nothing happens when clicking download at Box. But thank you for trying to sort out for us.

  5. sorry, no, the link takes me to Box but just like the other person, i’m unable to download. 😦 i like your portion! i’ll keep checking back! thank you!

  6. I’m having the same problem with the link. Box page opens but when you click the download button, nothing happens. I’ve even tried it in a different browser and made sure I was logged in to box. Rats! Love your portion…sure would like to be able to use it. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  7. I’ve tried clicking on the image, the link, and the link that you just provided above, but none of them work. Is there any other way to get this download?

  8. I’ve clicked on the image, the link, and the link provided in the comment directly above, but none of them work. Is there some way to get this download/ Thanks so much.

  9. I’ve clicked on the image, the link, and the new link provided in the comment directly above, but none of them work. Is there some way to get this download? Thanks so much.

  10. So sorry to report that the link isn’t working. I’ve experienced the problem that Julie Robertson experienced and have had this happen often when designers use Evidently they have a very low download threshold.

  11. Yay!!!! Got it!!!! Thank you for all your help and for a great download, well worth the wait. I got it through 4shared. Thank You!

  12. oh my what torture!! same as the others … the Box links don’t work but i FINALLY got it through 4shared … it was worth the trouble! thank you so much!

  13. Thank you for the 4share link! Your portion is awesome, and thank you so much for getting alternate links going. Appreciate your work!

  14. I think my best bet for successful download COULD be 4shared, but that site has gotten ridiculous as far as filling their page with fake “download” links to the point where I don’t even know what to click to actually download your delightful contribution. 😦

  15. I am unable to download your mini kit with 4-shared. It leaves a warning saying it is unsafe and it blocks it. so sad wanted to get this so bad cuz it is so cute. If you can do something else so I could get this beautiful kit I would appreciate it.

  16. Wow thanks for all the effort you have gone to in trying to help us!! Unfortunately I cannot download from Box or 4shared! I used to dl from 4shared all the time, then about 2yrs ago the links never work for me. I have tried different browsers etc. If anyone else has this problem and has worked it out I would love an answer!! Mediafire always seems to work for me .. it has pop ups, but I don’t care .. at least I can download!! Thank you anyway .. you just can’t seem to get one that keeps everyone happy nowadays, lol. I don’t fret about it .. I love your part, but I certainly don’t expect you to try 95 different outlets so everyone can get your gifts!! Have a great day!!

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