Happy iNSD!

I love this weekend, it’s like Christmas and I look forward to it all year!  I am excited to show you what I have for iNSD and some freebies as well!


First of all I am part of the Digi Scrap Parade, my piece can be found on Facebook as well as the rest of the parade.  Here is what I have for you (visit my facebook page here:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wimpychompers-Creations




I also have another blog hop/facebook hop for you which looks like this, also found on my facebook page!




Now if that isn’t enough, I have a sale at my stores Ginger Scraps AND Gotta Pixel for this weekend!


Ginger Scraps

Gotta Pixel


Here are my new goodies for iNSD AND if you buy the kit you get the extra pieces for free this weekend ONLY!


wc_lollydolly_gs_pvw       wc_lollydollyrainbowap_gs_pvw



wc_farmfriendships_gp_pvw       wc_farmerfrankca_gp_pvw

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