Runners Kit and Freebie!

My husband has picked up running and LOVES it!  I had to make a series of runners/marathon kits to celebrate his new passion and tried to cover all the different types of marathons I could think of.  I hope you enjoy these and I have a freebie for you also!  Here are the kits!


Purchase at either of these stores:

wc_colorfulrunners_gspvw1wc_colorfulrunnerap_gs_pvw  wc_colorfulrunnerbundle_gswc_princessrunners_gs_pvw wc_princessrunnersap_gs_pvw  wc_princessrunnerbundle_gswc_magicalrunners_gspvwwc_goofyrunnerap_gs_pvwwc_magicalrunnerbundle_gswc_toughestraceofallpvw_gswc_marathonmasterbundlepvw_gs


Here is a freebie to go with these kits and thanks for all of your amazing support!



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